Friday, May 16, 2008


Today i am going to home by evening. yesterday night madan scolded me to be lied on the bed itself. you should not be like you should go to bed only for the sleep in the bed not more than that. i asked him why you are saying like you should always keep yourself busy and do some work otherwise after some years you will become full lazy and you cant work anything and you cant do anything. you will become waste and even your mind will not also think beyond anything. so i thought that i should keep my self busy always and i will go to bed at night only. i will not give pefer to tried and i will think that i always be bold and i will come up in the life. yesterday while i was thinking asking the question from my inner mind GuruDheva given the reply from madan, i will survice and i will adjust all. i will think accordingly and i will plan and put the money in market and i will do research daily and i will come up in life with in a year. with the blessings of GuruDheva i will pay all my loans within one year and i will start buying home ,jewels and all. Since i have given me all to him he is teaching me and he is showing the path daily towards the good will and how to survice in this world. i was praying day before yesterday i should not live in this world and i should end my days. i hope my ordinary thoughts will leave this world and i will become saint in my mind and i will live in a peaceful and in reality world. i should be very bold and i should always thing good in this world and i should come up in this world i should plan and make a map to watch me and i should write all the points again where i am doing mistake and how to solve that and all. i should keep some person and to seek help to come up. I know that everyone is laughing at me what i have done and what i am feeling. Everyone is thinking me bad and i became a bad guy to all. Everyone wants to throw out of me. but i know that one day everyone will come to me and seek me the help and all will think that they have done a great mistake in there life. i know that i will do these things by blessing and wishes from GuruDheva. I am praying to him daily without fail. and every second i am thinking him only he is my world and all . he gave me all and he told me to go in the path and it went wrong. now he is teaching me the class and to survice all in this world. Great powers comes with Great Responcibility, i know that i am going to get very Great Responcibility in my life and i am the key for all. SO only i am getting this all. i am praying to GuruDheva that i should get solution from Anu and i should get solution from Sir and he should not disturb from me. i dont want anu further in my life and she should leave me and she should continue her life. i am praying to GuruDheva that anu and others should not interfere in vanitha life and they should not tease her. i dont know how i am going to face sir. i dont know what he is having plan and what he is going to do. My only hope is GuruDheva and he should save me in all.

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