Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i don’t know how i am going to face

My God and GuruDheva only should help me give the strength and power to face the coming things. i am planning to go to sweden and to stay there and to send money to india for loan and all. No one should from there side should not disturb me to do so. i am praying to him that everything should go fine. He should help me to clear all the loans and due. i am going to write all the plans and i am going to make millions in a year. while i come back to india i should not have a single paisa of credit to anyone and i should clear all the loans.

I am going to create a perfect planner to learn about the market and i am going to learn day by day within 30 days i should have knowlegdge to apply and work.

i have dropped all my weights and pains on his shoulder let him take this journey a successful one. he know and what he wants he knows to do so in future.

i am waiting for him only and i know what he thinks and he already blessed me to start with.

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