Saturday, November 26, 2011

I am writing this blog after so many months

I am writing this blog after so many months, I promised that I will write regular but in vain. I could not able to keep my promises.

I think this blog will be little bigger, Please have a patience to read this.
I have written as topic by topic which came and I crossed.

  1. Today India Vs West Indies Final test match.

I felt happy that West Indies lost all the wickets in the first session, everyone played owe sum. But I watched the last 10 over match. Wonderful performance by West Indies and really they won the match by making this match drawn. Tail end batsmen played waste.

Highlights :- Sachin tried for his century but went in vain.

Aswin for his wonderful performance of batting and debut century.

All the best and best of luck for further matches.

  1. About Anna Hazare.

A true man :D , while I was studying engineering 2000- 2001, I came across details about Anna hazare and his work in his village. His village is banned from cigarettes and drinks. He did the check dam for saving water and everyone in his village is good.

  1. Twitter: - I crossed more than 11,000 twits and still it’s counting. Happy to share thoughts. But I am not getting reply for my tweets. Feeling bad for this.
  2. Facebook:- Got lot of friends, and I am trying to do good.
  3. PMP. Project management practice, I am trying my best to study but I could not able to do, reason I am lazy.
  4. My life:- Not so good L but same time not so bad J
  5. About this blog account :_ I removed the tag Hacking, So I everyone can read my blogs.
  6. Happy news is that I have cleared all my personal loans, Thanks to GuruDheva for his blessing.
  7. I am planning again to visit Rishikesh and Haridware , as well as badri with my parents.
  8. Ok bye for now, will write blog daily.

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