Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Had nose operation

Last week I had nose operation for snoring problem.
On tuesday i had operation on both noses and bandage was done.
The day which I had bandage in my nose felt i was in hell.
Doctor advised me only you have to breath through your mouth :-(
I was totally tried and my tongue became dry often. So I need to drink water. Drinking water and other liquid is like drinking poison. If you sallow the water it creates a pressure in the nose and it sends pain in head.
Second day. It was removing bandage in hell. Doctor removed bandage and blood was pouring from nose and all my shirt became blood. Truly a blood bath for my shirt.
Fifth day I went to hospital for nose cleaning same they sucked out the blood clout from nose.

I had three to four days severe headache.

I pray to God. In this world please take away pains from the wounded ones.
Pain is the one of the sorry the best punishment in this world.
God save everyone .
GuruDheva please save everyone.
Will write something good next blog.

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