Saturday, December 24, 2011

Talking old stories

Talking old stories is really bad. We talk our missed opportunity and feeling bad.
Thinking of past and we should not waste our future.
We are not putting perfect basement for our future.
I was thinking why i did ruined my past .
Then I found the solution by thinking.
So first i created a plan about the my future and I am creating how about the financial planning.
I know that I lost 10 years of financial growth :-(
Yet I didn't lose my heart :-)
I know and having faith that I will make everything that will comes in line.
First think you should learn that you should keep your mind calm and then think.
So I kept my faith in GuruDheva and I am moving forward.
Without risk nothing can be done successfully. So I have planned how much risk i have to take and keep moving .
I am ready to die rather than to leave my faith and confidence.
I will and I can.
I will keep everything as secret and I will show who I am to this world.
I got angry against me but now I left angry on me and took peace to think.
Thanks GuruDheva for keeping me like this.

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