Monday, August 10, 2015

Learn and Imporve the Skill .. Money will follow

I went to attend an investment learning class on last Saturday.
I could not able to believe that i will get a wonderful point and learning tips from him.
The following points which opened my eyes...
1. Learn the education.. Improve the Skills..
2. Skills only pay you the money and helps you to earn money..
3. Be professional and learn how to be professional in your work...
4. Pray you should get Saraswathi in your life, automatically Lakshmi will follow her to be with you.
5. Be Patience and Search for opportunities in life. Don't wait once you get it, work towards it.

This is my own points which i found out myself and i am working towards it..

1. Until you reach the goal , i should not concentrate on anything.
2. I should eat , feel, sleep only my goals.
3. Do a perfect homework
4. Record all things all what are you doing daily.
5. Do a review once a week or month and check your performance.
6. Check and record the mistake and correct things what you did.
7. Read lot, search for the information related to it.
8. Try to be professional.

ஸ்ரீ இராம நாம மந்திர மகிமை

ஸ்ரீ இராம நாம மந்திர மகிமை 🌷 1. நமக்கு நன்மை வரவேண்டுமானால் 'ராம நாமத்தை இடைவிடாமல் கூறவேண்டும். நமது ஒவ்வொரு மூச்சும் 'ராம் '...