Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What we learnt in Chennai rains?

For the past 10 –15 days, I could see lot of news, videos, pictures, forwarded messages about the #ChennaiRains #ChennaiFloods.

Some of the points I could find on this

1. Everyone is shouting and complaining about the chennai runs and the floods.

2. As usual they are complaint about the water driangage , water logging and government work.

3. could not able to commute  from one place to another.

what went wrong?

we build lot of houses in the way of rain water flowing path by blocking it.

we put lot of plastic waste and dust in the drainage , so it gets blocked so water cannot run further.

we built the houses in the lakes and ponds, the rain water will come where it has to be there.

what we can do ?

Just try to divert the rain water to the Borewells  in your home, it will increase the water inside the bore.

Rain water is having very low PH contents, so it will reduce the salt in the bore well.

Chennai needs nearly 10-18 TMC of pure water in the under ground so that everyone in the city will get pure water.

Please buy lot of bleaching power and pour outside your house and surroundings so that the mosquitos formation and disease creation will be reduced.

Destroy or remove the unwanted plants and dust around the home.

Don’t blame the rain. chennai floods are man made. Not by the nature.

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Nat Chander said...

the tamil nadu govt has not taken appropriate measures to prevent FLOODING in chennai ....

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