Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tips to Win in share trading Intraday

General tips of earning in Intraday Trade

1: - Close your position in same only, don'tcarryover. If you dont have caliber to book loss, dont do intdaday trade. Even you are not fit for stock trade.

2:- Trade by brain, not by heart.

3:- Dont believe in superpower, believe at your own skills and candle sticks and stock trading protocols.

4:- Use strict stop loss, "training stop loss" and set a good an "in the money" target. Put that in terminal not in mind.

5:- Don't try to take reverence from the market (or any stock).

6:- If any particular stock gave a loss or profit, just leave that script of this same day. Avoid averaging.

7: - Don't be a compulsive trade (in you are not comfortable in trade mainly in range bound trade), no trade is also a trade.

8:- Avoid trade during lunch time. (11 :30 AM to 1:30 PM)

9:- Start trading from 9:30 am to 11:00 AM and 1.30 to 3:30.

10:- Set your daily loss book limit, then start trade and after book that loos, leave for that day. (How you can calculate it, msg me personally)

11:- If you got loss any day, try to avoid trade for that same day, sentimentality you will not be fit for trade, due to panic your upcoming decisions might be wrong.

12:- After getting 5 % return of your investment, you can stop trade.

13:- Choose only 5 stock (maximum) for a day for trade.

14:- Don;t be greedy and avoid anger.

15:- Trend is your friend, don't go opposite.

16:- Don't try to be over smart, one brains cant be powerful that a millions of cumulative brains. Trade as market says, don't try to make control over market.

17:- Wake early in the morning at see CNBC and ZEE News. Just see, dont follow then blindly. See and https:// regularly. Getting news and keep eyes in emerging market is very important.

18:- Keep eyes on doller index, and INRvs Rs as well.

19:- Have a compulsory lunch at 12.30 to 1.00

20:- Every evening, forget that day go at walk. Enjoy weekend with friends.

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