Wednesday, May 14, 2008


For the past three to four days i read and completed the sivagami sapadam book written by kalki. i could not belive how this can be happned in the past how it was explained. really wonderful. Thanks To GuruDheva who helped me to read this book.
i could not think how much deep should a king should be there in this and he should absorb all the details around him and he should be always presence of mind. he should think about the future only. nothing more. but i can find that a love was broken in the story and it was had a correct judgement in this world.
I dont know why GuruDheva told me to read this book. i am feeling some pain in heart but he informs me that i should accept the pain and happyness and i should belive in thyself to become a saint like person and i should continue in this world. i am going to read the book is Bagavadgita. i am going to read and complete it by GuruDheva concentration and i will finish that so my inner mind feelings and pain will become zero by GuruDheva blessing and i concentrate on this world and i will come in vengence and i will make all things good by his blessing.
By GuruDheva blessing i will do all things and today i am going to tell to madan regarding the payment for the friends. i am praying to GuruDheva blessing that they should accept and i will pay them without fail. I dont know how i am going to handle sir in bangalore i dont know how much plan he is executing and i dont know how i am going to tackle and i am going to break i have given me all to GuruDheva and he will do the things in right way without fail. i know that i will make my parents live in happy only. i will not show them pain and worry in this world.i will feel them safe and happy and i am praying to GuruDheva that i dont want Anu in my life and i should live safely with my parents.

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