Monday, May 12, 2008


on friday night i got call from vijay and he asked me that whether he knows me suresh from hosur. i said i dont know. the thing what behind happened is karthik called home of vijay and he scold about me.
i thought both will understand me but they are into money minded only. everyone is in behind money no one is in public or to take care some one. i really felt bad about them and all. everyone looks for the money. srini told me that he need money at any cost. the thing is once i mailed them i am going for dubai they taught that i am going to fool them and i will leave,
they are not trusting for friendship, mistakes are there from my side but they are into money only. i dont know now why they are like that. GuruDheva will help me to give money to them and i will close the account with them. In future one day i will become very big rich by GuruDheva blessings, they will come back again to invest but i wil refuse them thats sure. they dont want to hear a person's personal problem but the only thing is they need there money they are not ready to adjust for some days. i know that they are lieing to me.
one day they will feel really bad what they have done to me. My father yesterday asked me about the money which i have wasted lot including salary and the other things. i could not reply him a single word to him. i really feel bad about this. i thought i will die for that one. i know that i have done lot of mistakes in my life and very bad things. but now i want to live in peaceful, i am praying to GuruDheva that i should die as early as possible since i cant live in a world with only selfishess. i am fearing that one day whether i will become like this people.
everyone looks on money and they are not telling that ok you have done wrong and supporting me. even my father also threatens me for money matters. i accept him and my mother becuase they in the position to question me and i dont have a correct answer to say so. most of the guys telling me that i am really big week in financial matters. first i should correct that one. i am going to make note of every money which i am going to spend and i am going to earn also. i should plan that one and i should play safe. BY GuruDheva prayers and blessing i am going to start trading againg today in market.
because from now onwards i will not be greedy and i will gain and i will pay all my loans in this world i will buy a home and all. i will solve all the money matters. i am planning to apply for the PF closing of Oracle and Tech mahindra. using tech mahindra i am going to pay back to credit cards and with the orcle account money i am going to put in market and i will start trading i know that with in span of 6 months i will repay all my loans and i do have a balance in my account with good amount. my father and mother will become happy and i will reform my self more to tackle in this world and the people with GuruDheva blessing.
i dont know when i am going to meet my GuruDheva in Rishikesh. why he is not allowing me or making arrangement to meet him. i am praying him that all this problems should be solved and i want to make a clear future. GuruDheva will help me to do so. i have placed order thinking him in my mind and i will gain.

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