Tuesday, June 3, 2008

need help from him

Yesterday i told to my father about the payments to my friends. but he told me that it is not possible now why you are making the promises to them. i dont know how i am going to convience them. i should inform karthik regarding this. today i planned to write all my account details,internet accounts everything in a single note and i have to keep it safe.GuruDheva should help me to over come all the problems. I dont know what to tell to Anu or to others. I am not feeling mentally fit for anything. i dont know what to do or what i am going to do in future also. everything seems to be problem for me and i could not image what i am going to do or share the things. let me see what will happen. i am praying to GuruDheva only for all the things and i should over come all the problems. i am praying to him that i should solve all the problems in smooth and in nice. i should take full control upon anu and she should fell in my legs.

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