Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hi Again


I went to bangalore on Saturday to meet sir. I was staying with Anu. In evening I went to meet sir in his office. I went to bank to ask about the credit card things and it went fine. In sir office Jaggesh Film actor came to meet him. I spoke to him and he is good astrogler .he told me that in promise that you are having very very good time now. but since you are not belief in god only he is not showing anything good to you.

I was thinking full night and I started to belief in God little bit by little bit. with keeping in mind I have given all my things to God through GuruDHeva. he also wants me to do so like that only. Miracles happening from yesterday and today morning also. my yahoo answers was opened from yesterday and I got the mail from them. I have started to pray God, first I have prayed GuruDheva then him for all. but I am not going to show to anyone that I have started to belief in God since it will give some more problem for me. Because he also told me so many times in my mind that don't tell to anyone I will safe guard. so I have given all my things and words everything to Narayana who I use to tell and pray.

I trust him that he is there and let he make me to clear all my loans and to buy three houses with in next year end.

I am seeking his help only. I should be millionaire by next year end.

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