Thursday, July 17, 2008

nothing more

  1. today I was thinking i should follow up the matter upto end and i have started doing that one.
  2. plan accordingly and go ahead with that one
  3. at last i found the answer in perfect way about the God.
  4. I hope GuruDheva shown me the path to do.
  5. the conversation between the both was tend to be happened between me and Him only.
  6. everything goes fine till now.
  7. i should prepare myself to clear the Hsbc credit card as well as the standard chartered smart account.
  8. i should not make that one to problem to my life.
  9. yesterday madhan told to my father get signature from him and let him go out of the country then only we can have safe here.
  10. my father will give guarantee to others about the loan.
  11. i really got bad about myself how much people are having faith on me and how much had belief on them
  12. really this is a lesson for me in my life.

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