Friday, April 25, 2008

what will happen

what is happening in bangalore i dont know. padu started to scold me then slowly she became cooland complaing about anu. what is happening there i dont know i can clearly view that something is happening and sir is also supporting anu thats why they dont want to her be there and they did not like that.Aunty and padu mailed me that anu is doing some black magic and she is asking the money which i paid to margadarsito her and to safe gaurd her. Anunty and padu feeling that anu only done lot and i am the vitim for all.Tonight we are leaving to mysore ( my parents, me ,madan and vijay) i dont know what wil happen there but i am praying to GuruDheva that i should win and i dont want her to come in my life again since she will do all the bad things in her life.i am not also feeling well from morning i am feeling bad. yesterday and day before yesterday i was roaming in the sun at mid-day. i hope thats why i got over heated in body and my body asks me for rest?

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