Tuesday, April 22, 2008

where this is heading

i want to tell you one thing. i dont know what bad and pain i have done in my life now i am feeling very much. anu has called everyone and she is giving tourche to everyone. she is having plan that she want to caught me in police and to beat by them. padu gave the information about this. why these kind of people are coming i dont know. even her mother also helping her in such way that she also plays games against me. she is really doing bad on this. i dont know what will be her future if she does like that. she is really a physic and giving lot of problems to other. i dont know who will stop her. what are all the mistakes i have done in my life now she is showing to me. but i learnt one thing i will be bold and i know how to slove it. i am going to blast in their home i am just praying to gurudheva to give me the strength and courage to do so. i should kick her out of my life and want to live peacefully. if i allow her in my home again she will dam sure make others to sucide. it is good to avoid her and to leave her. thats the only thing i can do.

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