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Got some useful websites i am posting

Hi i got some useful website so i am posting.
i did not checked the links whether it is working or not. comment me if some of the links are not working.
வணக்கம் இந்த பக்கத்தில் சில தகவல் தந்துல்லன் லிங்க் உடைதிருண்டல்
தெரிய படுத்தவும் நன்றி
விவேக் ராஜகோபாலன்
Useful India Websites
Objects From India - Website of artefacts from India. KS1 and KS2 pupils will enjoy this site with its good quality photographs and large text. They can choose from Indian clothes, music, containers, food toys, religious artefacts and other objects.
Oxfam Cool Planet - Lots of information on life in India with sections on history, maps, facts and figures and a quiz.
India An Introduction - An excellent comprehensive site on India with sections on The Himalayas, the Land, History, People, Tourism, Culture, Festivals and many more. Well presented with lots of information and very good photographs.
Welcome to Gujerat - Site produced by the Gujerat State in India. Statistics are available on all aspects of life there, such as population, industries, income and transport, etc.
Sardar Sarovar Project - This is an Inter-State multi purpose project to irrigate large areas of India.

Useful Citizenship Websites
Oxfam - A Curriculum for Global Citizenship
Govern Your School - Citizenship
Institute For Citizenship
Citizenship Foundation - Schools
The Development Education Association
Centre For Citizenship Studies in Education
Save The Children - Citizenship
Council for Education in World Citizenship
Accac - Aspects of Personal and Social Education – Community
Cumbria Development Education Centre
Citizen 21 - An On-Line Citizenship Resource for Educators
The Young Peoples’ Parliament
Schools and Beyond - Citizenship Education: Archaeology in the Local Community
Global Dimension - DFID and Other Agencies
Explore Parliament
Time for Citizenship – a site to support primary schools as they develop a citizenship curriculum
A new and regularly updated trial site, funded by Oxfam, for sharing ideas about, understanding of, and good practice in Global Citizenship
Manchester Development Education Centre
GLADE – a Development Education Centre based in Somerset
A Development Education Centre based in Birmingham which produces a lot of information for teachers
Department for International Development
A web site about race, racism and life seen through the eyes of young people
A site dedicated to fair trade chocolate
A site focusing on peace and conflict issues
The Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education

Useful Fair Trade Websites
One World’s Big Issues Fair Trade Site - Information on the issues involved with links to related One World stories and other relevant sites such as CDEC.
The Fairtrade Foundation - Articles and background information on Fair Trade products such as coffee. Also current and back copies of the Fair Trade newsletter ‘Fair Comment' available on line.
Cumbria Development Education Centre Fairtrade Logo Project - A project in which children in Cumbrian schools decided to design a new Fairtrade logo - the results are displayed on the site. There are also Fairtrade weblinks.
Oxfam Fair Trade - The stories of the people who produce the Fair Trade products we buy. This site also looks at the history of Fair Trade, ehat is involved and the role Oxfam plays. There are also links to related sites.

Useful Websites on Sustainable Living
Second Nature Education for Sustainability - A nonprofit organisation that helps colleges and universities expand their efforts to make environmentally sustainable and just action a foundation of learning and practice.
Dorset Education for Sustainability Network - This site was established in conjunction with Dorset Wildlife Trust and WWF and looks at eco-friendly schools, biodiversity, global citizenship and sustainable lifestyles.
Exploring the Environment: modules and activities - A variety of activities covering rainforests, climate change, endangered species and water quality, etc. With simulated situations for students, this is a well designed interactive website - particularly useful in geography or science.
Centre For Alternative Technology - Information and news with a virtual tour of the eco-centre and lots of their publications to download (free).
Global Warming - Focus on the Future - Through lots of games and activities KS2 children learn about global warming issues. A useful classroom resource for science and geography topics, they also help children to appreciate the dangers facing our environment.

Useful Sri Lanka Websites
WWW Virtual Library Sri Lanka - A very comprehensive site covering many topics, including history, heritage, myths, traditions, people, fauna and religions. Easy to read with lots of photographs.
Sri Lanka Web Window - This site looks at Sri Lanka through its history, education, science, technology and culture.

Useful Indonesia Websites
Indonesian Homepage - A very comprehensive site covering many topics, including Indonesian lifestyle, general history, music, dress and general culture. It claims to document the good and the bad things about the country and seems a very balanced and fair portrayal.
Primary and Secondary Indonesia materials - Information on Indonesia, with specific case studies and teaching notes.

Useful Himalayas Websites
Destination Himalayas - Very full site including comprhensive section on Ladakh, sometimes used as a locality study. There is also a useful section on the delicate eco-system of the Himalayas.
Useful Mexico Websites
Mexico for Kids - A site for children to learn about the history, geography and biodiversity of Mexico - includes a games section.
Mexico’s Photo and Image Gallery - A site full of photographs of different aspects of Mexico - place and topic related. There is also a useful maps section.

Useful Bangladesh Websites
Virtual Bangladesh - Lots of information about Bangladesh with good quality maps, photographs and satellite images as well as sound files. Excellent source of case study material.
Oxfam Cool Planet - Lots of information on life in Bangladesh with sections on history, maps and facts and figures.
World Bank Bangladesh - Contains a lot of information on life in Bangladesh although the format is more suited to secondary education. However, there is a section called ‘About Bangladesh’ which gives useful facts and figures about the country.

Useful Pakistan Websites
Adil Najam’s Tour-de-Pakistan - An excellent site with masses of photographs and links within a ‘Tour’ of Pakistan. All aspects of life in this country are covered, including geography, history, religion, literature and culture.
Pakistan – Links to the whole Pakistan World - Good links website giving direct access to lots of photographs of historical sites, famous mosques, etc. Also links to modern day life in Pakistan such as news and fashion with a section on Pakistani music.
Oxfam Cool Planet - Lots of information on life in Pakistan with sections on history, maps and facts and figures.
Harrappa and The Indus Valley - History of South Asia – good section on The Indus Valley including a 90 slide tour with script, essays and information.

Useful Games Websites

Multicultural Games Directory - The aim of this site is to create and foster an understanding of world cultures. It recommends particular games from around the world and includes instructions, information and suggestions for group activities.
Manchester DEP - Lots of games, activities and information based around the game of football, as perceived by children living in many different countries around the world. Looks positively at feelings aroused by issues such as values, co-operation, conflict and racism involved in football.

Useful Rainforest Websites
The Rainforest Alliance - International non-profitmaking site dedicated to tropical forest conservation. It has lots of resources for teachers, children and conservationists generally. It includes interactive educational adventures, activities, stories and a web links section.
Amazon Interactive - Looks at the geography of the Amazon rainforest through activities and games. It helps children learn how the Quichua people live off the land and also lets them try to run a community-based ecotourism project along the Rio Napo.
WWF-UK Tropical Rainforests - Lots of information for teachers on rainforests with activities and relevant printable resource sheets included. Older children could use this site but it is more useful for teachers.

Useful School Linking Sites
Windows On The World - School linking and the Internet. A database for schools and colleges (15 – 19 age range) looking for partner schools anywhere on the planet to develop international education projects.
The Central Bureau - administers the UK side of a wide range of international education and training exchange programmes and is a division of The British Council.
Project Happy Child Schools Interchange - The Schools Interchange is being constructed to enable schools, colleges and universities in all parts of the world to contact one another. Wherever possible, we are providing extended links to premier established school networks for relevant geographical areas, to accelerate inter-linking worldwide.

Useful Websites on Environment – Pollution and Conservation
Naturenet - A gateway to information on nature conservation and countryside management. Lots of detailed information with useful addresses, weblinks, news of projects and a quiz. Also useful career and volunteer ideas for older children.
The Bornfree Foundation - A good site for introducing children to conservation issues. Suitable mainly for KS2 upwards, there are also sections of interest to younger children. There is a good education section and information on projects about whales, tigers and the logging trade, etc.
Four Seasons - Very good site for children. Several weather related projects and many environmental education resources including virtual tours of lots of Env. Ed. Centres around the country, a quiz on sustainability and many materials covering School Grounds.
WWF-UK - Very useful site for children studying conservation and pollution issues, Gives details of campaigns in both the UK and the rest of the world with opportunities to become involved. Also good education pages on a variety of subjects such as the rainforest and competitions for individuals and schools.
Useful Websites on Afghanistan
Oxfam Cool Planet – A very good site for children wanting to study Afghanistan and the challenges it faces. It contains sections on history, geography and environment, people and society, a factfile and the role of Oxfam in Afghanistan.
Useful Websites on Thailand
Thailand – A general site on Thailand, covering history, travel, wildlife and the basics of Buddhism.
Wildlife Fund – Thailand A website looking at the wildlife of Thailand and ways in which you can help them.
Useful Websites on China
China Today – A very comprehensive information base on China, covering topics such as culture and ethics, education and women and children. (General site – not specifically educational).
Useful Websites on Peru
VirtualPeru.Net – An extremely attractive site about Peru. It provides brief information about the people, regions, culture and history of Peru but also many good quality photographs of the country.
Useful Websites on The Caribbean
Education Planet The Caribbean – A website which searches 100,000 educational websites, lessons, etc. for information on all parts of the Caribbean. It then provides descriptions and evaluations of these with star ratings – a very useful site.
Useful Websites on Tanzania
Tanzania: Geography, Maps and Information – A comprehensive site with a variety of maps, links to related sites and masses of topics for children, such as geography, history, culture, games, climate, photographs and clip art.
Useful Websites on Lesotho
Lesotho – A fairly small site on Lesotho but with information on the land and climate, etc.
Useful Website on Refugees
UNHCR – This website includes press releases, events, initiatives and related weblinks.
Eye to Eye (Save the Children) – An excellent website for teachers looking at the conflict in the Middle East through the eyes of young Palestinian refugees. How do our lives compare with theirs? Whose voices do we hear in the media? There are separate sections for primary and secondary teachers with lots of classroom activities included.

Useful Sites on Equal Opportunites / Gender / Racism / Multicultural – Britkids – A website about race, racism and growing up in Britain. It looks at the lives of nine young British people, using quizzes, quotes, lyrics and famous people from TV, Sport and Music.

Useful Tourism Websites

Tourism Concern – This group campaigns for ethical and fairly traded tourism and the site gives specific examples such as the problems involved with trekking holidays.
English Heritage – This site contains lots of useful general information on tourism in Britain for teachers and children, but also looks at the problems promotion of a site can create in the preservation of it.

Useful Water Websites
WaterAid - Education section includes games, lists of resources, general activities and a special ‘Water in the Schools’ website linked directly. This has ideas for projects for schools and printable information sheets.
Snaith Primary School - A classroom site on the theme of water. Ideal for young children as it is attractively produced and very easy to use. Lots of information on all aspects of water from river sources, floods, sections on The Nile, The Ganges and The Amazon and also writing activities.
QCA Dept. for Education and Skills – Help your child discover water in the landscape. Activities designed to teach KS2 geography Unit 11.

Useful Energy Websites
Centre For Alternative Technology - Information and news with a virtual tour of the eco-centre and lots of their publications to download (free).
BBC KS3 Bitesize - Part of the Science and Physics menu, this site looks at all aspects of energy, including renewable and non-renewable resources.

Useful Wildlife (Plants / Animals) Websites
WWF-UK - Very useful site for children studying conservation and issues. Gives details of campaigns in both the UK and the rest of the world with opportunities to become involved. Also good education pages on a variety of subjects such as the rainforest and competitions for individuals and schools.
Wild Britain - A BBC site which explores 4 UK habitats – freshwater, heathland, mountain and urban during all 4 seasons of the year. It looks at the animals and planst found there and contains lots of information and attractive photographs.
The Bornfree Foundation - A good site for introducing children to conservation issues. Suitable mainly for KS2 upwards, there are also sections of interest to younger children. There is a good education section and information on projects about whales, tigers and the logging trade, etc.

Useful Kenya Websites
Kenya (Kent School District) – Good site for children to browse with photographs and information on the Masai, the Samburu, the Swahili language, a Kenyan safari and suggestions for integrated lessons. Lots of live links to topics such as endangered species and myths and legends.
Oxfam Cool Planet – Site designed for children with sections on History, Geography and the Environment, People and Society, Factfile and Oxfam’s work in Kenya.

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