Monday, April 28, 2008

why it is happening to me?

HI i went to mysore with my parents and my cousin there. they asked me what is the problem and why did u left her. i told them that since she given the toruche only i left her.but i know that she is playing game with your father.since my parents told only i accepted that i will live with her upon one condition that she should come with me where i go to job. but she refused. because now your father refused that i have taken all the margarshi fund which i paid. they told me that i cant go out of bangalore. they are complaining me that i was the guy that i beat the kid everyday and everytime. they told me that i cant go to a job without your father support and they dont me to go anywhere out of bangalore.i hope i will be in jail since she does not want to live with her. while before we can to bangalore i had loan in hyderabad. your father asked me how i did the loan i have given the calculation for that one. now (today) she told me to my cousin and compaling about that one. before one and half year she tried to sucide so i hold her neck and slapped her. she complained to your father that i have only done this to her. so your father got angry and took the written statement from me that i will not do like this in future. she collected from your father and she treating through from relations.the thing is if i go to chennai or anywhere in india they will not have the hold to control me and make and treat me as a slave or worker. i can find that the plan what happened on saturday itself. for all this sorry to say your father is giving idea that i should not go out of bangalore otherwise they all will loose the control and they dont want my parents to interfear in this matter.i told them in mysore how she behaved and other things. but they changed the topic and they told me that i should be in bangalore only. my father asked if he got job transfer to other country what to do. they clearly told that he cant leave india since we will not allow. and i came to know that anu only stolen my passport and she is keeping that one.she is trourching vanitha also. my father clearly told that if you find difficulty there just leave mysore and come to home.we will take care all the things. i dont know why your father showing this much intrest in this thing. where i go and work any way i am going to repay the loan and other things. what they did not accepted is my parents should not come and but they can visit. i hope i may be in jail for some days or even more. since she wants me to send to jail with your father support (on saturday morning) she called your father and put me in jail or to send police man to warn me. even my parents also.i dont know why she is digging her pit. i know that i have to pay to your father. but she is planning to take all the money which i paid to your father and more from my side to settle. the statement what they given clearly had i should not leave bangalore and they will watch us without helping father told that let we leave both them out. since you told us that they married separtely. let them suffer for one year and let them understand. as i did for last one year. they did not accept and told him that he should not leave bangalore, we will visit them to check like that.i clearly came to know that they are looking me as money machine and worker/slave to them. they are clearly seeking help from help from your father(since he is angry with me. yes i am also angry with him since this much happened before till last minute he supported anu only not me in any point thats why i left to speak him even if i am thinking him as my God father)by having support and help from your father they dont want to me leave otherthan bangalore one more thing happened my cousin and father told them that we do have all realtions in chennai so if we set up them in chennai everyone will watch them(atleast 10 realtions are there) so we wil have the control on both of thembut they refused to this also. since if she came to chennai they will all loose the power and they cant rule against me. since everyone know what anu is doing and if she with my parents or in chennai she cant come to our home and they cant rule on or tommorrow i will call your mummy or to you. Let GuruDheva will decide my fate whether i have to live peacefully or not.

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