Tuesday, April 29, 2008


i dont where this is heading in this world. why anu and others are showing this much intrest in this matter.She is really doing bad with her brother-in-law against me to do. i hope they are very much in confidence and in confirm that i will not come back to them.i am also sure that i should not turn back against her. she only took the passport and now she returning back to sir. How bad she is in mind. what are all sins i have done in the past only now i am getting the pain here.yesterday my big-mother told me that if vijay has done like that i would have throw him out. the thing is she does not want to come her home so i will not go her home from now-onwards if i do go there also i will not take anything from her home expect water.padu messaged me that they sir and nagaprasad consulted the lawyer sivaram. i hope they will use the letter which i have written one which any tried to commit sucide and i holded her neck. But i can say that what are all sow and sin they will reap the same again in this world.the pity is that i should be bold but i am not. i dont know why i am always feeling fear in this world. why i could not make very stiff decisions i should consult a physic why it was happening to me. i am looking all in kind nothing more than that. but why these people taking everything advantage and doing so.everytime i look into the kind heart that no one should hurt. but i hope so that i should not do like that since i learnt a lot from this. even helping and others should be in a limit. i hope they are looking for the money from my side to settle down anu. i know that sir is doing very big mistake in his life and interfering my life also. because if he do so one day GuruDheva will punish them sure.i hope they are planing to make me as a slave in there life. i should not allow this in this life. i am seeing everyghing in wrong but i can say that they need money from me only not more than that. i am pryaing to GuruDheva that they all should get punished. the brain behind this work should be her mother only. i never visited a women such worse in my life she will talk honey in her mouth and she needs control of all others life.on saturday in mysore there is no word came outside about the Gold which anu told me to put to her mother and she promised (anu) she will return me back the money. but on mysore meeting she changed the plate. that much criminal she was. she did not stayed in their home and she escaped because everyone will question her and even our father also. so she left the place.

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