Wednesday, April 30, 2008

how people thinks

Really i am feeling bad today since padu told me that after i left the home. she found the died bird under the chair with the cut in the head and rounded with kunkum and lemon. she told me that somebody has done the black magic in her home. and what anu and her mother told to them is i have done the black magic against them. i never think to hurt any animals or birds. since they are not having voice to speak and they dont know how to laugh or cry. how pity is this. she told me to call her. i hope i have to call her today and i should know what is happening there in bangalore against me. she told me that anunty will help me to solve the matter. sir is fully against me and he is listenly to anu and only. anu brother in law and sir went to consult lawyer against me. i think they are confirm that i am not willing to live with anu any more and they need something from me. Every one in this world became selfish and they should live happy only not others. yes these lessons i need in life since i was not proper and practice in life to lead a good way and i did not understand others feeling. i had a very vavery mind in life. i should not do like that in past. while i was in mysore anu did a very good play in acting. she knows that i will not come her in life but she need money to lead her life. she wants me to be slave and worker in her life not more than that. she wants to enjoy her life nothing more. i know that time will teach her and punish her in life. what are all the mistakes i have done in money it gave the real truth in my life. i should change and i should take control in the money management and in the time management. i have to reform lot since no one is concentrating on me or talking to me very much everyone says i am like that one. i should change and i have to respect all. i should think more that money only is not the key in this world. more kind and prayer and dedication in this world will make me more to survice in this world. i should call everyone and i should keep in touch.

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