Tuesday, May 20, 2008

He will

yesterday night it was too hot i could not sleep in the plain land. after some time i thought some one is burning below in my leg then i found out that the room itself very hot and i could not sleep there so i went to bath room and i made the wet of a dry bed sheet and put it and i slept on that one. i dont know why yesterday it was happened like that. Then yesterday balaji asked me that whehter i am ok for going to canada for long term i said yes. i am praying to GuruDheva that i should get selected and i should go to canada from there i should send the money and all my loans should get closed. today i am going to tell to madan what happened to karthik and srini matter and tell him to convey the message and convience them for the money i am praying to GuruDheva that they should accept his words. i know that karthik is the main character in this and srini is just actor for the matter. since karthik is very much selfishness in money and he does not trust anyone for anything. thats the bad thing what i have done in my life is i should not trust that guy and one more thing is that i should not accepted them to send the money for the share and i should not have invested in shares and got the loss. i know that since my carelessness only i lost most in the shares. i know that i have gained some in the share. i cant blame anu only for the money which i have done loss in this but since her tourcher only i could not survice. i think all of them santhanam, srinivasan, anu,sir all sat and planned against me and they caught me in the life. since i am very soft they used me in hard. but i know that they will get sure punishment in there life. my inner mind says that anu and sir itself sat and planned against me to do lot. why he has done like that. everyone questions about the sir and anu relationship they are asking why the sir is so much important they are giving to them. i am also getting the same doubt that why they are telling the imporance of sir and why they are giving the much important to him. i know that since he is a vip and they want him and they dont want to loose him. i am praying to GuruDheva that i should get the onsite oppurtunity and i should go to abroad. my mother gave some sologams about narashimarar and she told me to read daily two times in the morning and in the evening i promised her that i will do that one without fail. so from yesterday morning i am reading that one. i am asking my GuruDheva that all the problem should be solved and all the loans which i have done should be cleared since that only he has sent that sologam to me to read that one without fail. for everythought he is sending something to me. i am praying to him that all the problem should get solved and all should praise me that i came back in good. With the blessings of GuruDheva i know that one day everyone will praise me that everyone will tell good about me that he has come up in the life. we should be like vivek. everyone should feel happy to be with vivek. I am praying to GuruDheva that i should not get the selfishess, proudness and over confidence like the bad things in my life. i am praying to him that i should not leave the good ness and forgiving in my life to others from my mind. I am praying to him that i should make lot of money and i should help to everyone i should not be fool and he should bless me that i should think and work always. i should get sucessful on all things and i should make everything a sucessful one. He is there for me i know that he will make to go to abroad and i will go there and i will make proud everyone and i will concentrate on my work and i will become no.1 around the people and i should update myself in technical and i should learn lot always. i should save lot of money and i should survice a lot. everyone should respect me and everyone should love me lot. he is the only path for me in this world for me.

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