Thursday, May 22, 2008

How To Directly Go To Inbox Write Msg Hotmail no need for hotmail today - http users

How To Directly Go To Inbox Write Msg Hotmail no need for hotmail today - http users

sometimes just checking the hotmail website to check your hotmail or msn email is quicker than opening your email client.. and this method is a sure-fire way to make checking your email very quick and easy.. i would suggest making a seperate folder in your bookmark list and add this links into that folder to make checking your multiple folders in hotmail very accessible with one single click.

FIRST go to and log in. make sure you set it to automatically sign you in.. (i guess only for ppl that have a computer all to themselves )

afterwards try going to this link

you might have to update your links every now and then but work fine for the most part..


use this for your inbox


use this for 'compose message'


options of course


contact list etc.

if you have customized folders you can link directly to those as well

just click on one of your custom folders and copy the url..

should look something like the following...


delete the 'yellow' portion above to change the url into this...


bookmark this link.

that should make your bookmark permanent with no "RESEND POST DATA" messages..


i am not liable for any criminal or bad thing which you have done using this message and document. i am giving here for the educational purpose and care should be taken from your side before using this document and please get a written permission from the person before hacking or doing some thing in the network or system.This document is intended for judicial or educational purposes. I have collected these documents and messages from the internet for educational purpose only. always use these documents for doing good only. I don't want to promote computer crime and I'm not responible of your actions in any way. If you want to hack a computer, do the decent thing and ask for permission first. please read and use this for useful purpose only to protect the systems and information from the bad people. always seek permission from the system owner or who ever responcible for the system by written and then go ahead. Give a full report with honestly to the person or company about your experiments and findings from the system. Always Do Good Think Good and Belive Good.

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