Thursday, May 22, 2008

How To Play Movies (divx Etc) With Subs

How To Play Movies (divx Etc) With Subs
Download and install the following packages:


Click on FFDSHOW 2004-XX-XX (date) and then on the download icon
at the bottom of the page.




Recomended Player:


Choose between (windows 2000 & XP) or
(windows 98 & Me)
On the page that apears click on one of the litle pages on the right.

To play subtitles with this player you mus do the following:
Go to View->Options->Output (Playback) and select (DirectShow Video) VRM7
VRM9 renderless (the highest you got).
On the same page select the highest DirectX version you got two times.
If you want to make this player your default go to View->Options->Formats
and select the file formats you want to associate with it.

After all this you will be able to playback 99% of all movies DivX, Xvid,
Ogg, with MP3 or AC3 sound.

Please notify me if any of these links do not work.

If you are looking for a all in one solution you might enjoy this player called VLC:


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