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How to Rename File Extensions

How to Rename File Extensions

A lot of people here may ask how to rename a file extension in windows; well it’s very simple and takes little of your time. There are two ways to rename a file extension ‘without’ a stupid program.

Number 1, Folder Options:

Go into your Control Panel, in my case I use Windows XP so I would press [Start then Control Panel]. Now that you figured out how to get in Control Panel open “Folder Options” and click the view tab and make sure ‘Hide file extensions for know files’ is not selected, then press Ok.

Now go into a folder and notice you can see your files extensions, rename them to whatever you'd like, for instance:

Dildos.exe to Dildos.Anonymous / Etc,Etc,Etc

Number 2, MS-DOS:

The difference between renaming files in DOS is that you can rename multiple files rather then one at a time, therefore making time gracious. Here I’ll provide you a few examples.

Go to your start menu and open run, then type “cmd” without parenthesis. Ok you’re in MS-DOS right? Geesh common man I know a 5 year old that can do it. Ok good your in? Excellent… Ok now find out which directory has your files and type:


cd C:\Files\

In your case “C:\Files\” may not exist, so type in the directory that your have you files in. If everything goes will dos will look kinda like this:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\User>cd C:\Files\

If all fails, you perhaps didn’t type in the correct folder/name and it will look like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\User> >cd C:\Filse\
The system cannot find the path specified.

Did you get in the directory yet????? If not I recommend you stick with the first step and hang yourself. Oh your in? OK COOL, type: dir and you will be provided with what files are in your folder, including their extensions. In my case:

Volume in drive C has no dildo.
Volume Serial Number is CXXX-XXXX

Directory of C:\Files

02/01/2005 07:22 PM .
02/01/2005 07:22 PM ..
01/31/2005 06:40 PM 14,336 stf.bmp
01/31/2005 06:40 PM 14,336 stf02.bmp
2 File(s) 28,672 bytes
2 Dir(s) 39,024,766,976 bytes free


Did you notice how I had two files named stf. Since both of these files have the same extension, *.bmp they can be renamed all together. If there are other files in there witht he same extension and you don't want to rename them, move them to another folder and / or directory.

Last but not least, after listening to my horrific grammar type:

C:\Files>ren *.bmp *.rar

And your results are:

Volume in drive C has no penis.
Volume Serial Number is CXXX-XXXX

Directory of C:\Files

02/01/2005 07:37 PM .
02/01/2005 07:37 PM ..
01/31/2005 06:40 PM 14,336 stf.rar
01/31/2005 06:40 PM 14,336 stf02.rar
2 File(s) 28,672 bytes
2 Dir(s) 39,024,676,864 bytes free

i am not liable for any criminal or bad thing which you have done using this message and document. i am giving here for the educational purpose and care should be taken from your side before using this document and please get a written permission from the person before hacking or doing some thing in the network or system.This document is intended for judicial or educational purposes. I have collected these documents and messages from the internet for educational purpose only. always use these documents for doing good only. I don't want to promote computer crime and I'm not responible of your actions in any way. If you want to hack a computer, do the decent thing and ask for permission first. please read and use this for useful purpose only to protect the systems and information from the bad people. always seek permission from the system owner or who ever responcible for the system by written and then go ahead. Give a full report with honestly to the person or company about your experiments and findings from the system. Always Do Good Think Good and Belive Good.

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