Monday, May 19, 2008

Part 3 Ftp

Part 3 Ftp


Now time to slap on an FTP client and mix it with An IRC client and season it with the List Reader

You may already have Mirc from the 1st 2 parts if not get it from
then please get this great FTP client from
and finally the Invaluable List Reader from
<-= install carefully, you may need the .net framework as well, available through windows update or the link posted on that website.

If you don't know what FTP is or how to use it, egh... LOOK INTO IT!!
Moving along, you need to obtain an FTP site to connect to. this is where the magical LIST comes in.

To get the list go into mirc, and type in the status window /server then type /join #warez to join the channel warez. Once inside type "!list" without the quotation marks, and a you will get offered a file called list.txt, accept gracefully, and remember to stay in the channel for a few minues. If you close mirc down as soon as you get the file, you will be banned from that channel for good, for being a tight a**.

Once you have the file it will be located in your MircInstallDir\downloads folder. Start up List Reader and open up the file.

Wow you say, look at all these sites. Yep, all good.
Before you can connect to them, in the options (look around, you have eyes after all) select your default client to be flashfxp and point to it (its probably in program files\flashfxp)

Once that is done, start up Flashfxp and double click on a site that you like, you can either scroll down the list in different categories or search. Please note that the descriptions are often brief and a site may have ALOT more good stuf on it. Once you double click on a site, you will notice that flashfxp is connecting for you. As with most things, you will find that it will either connect quickly and u will be presented with alot of files/and or folders that look like something you see in an explorer window. The site could be busy and you may have to wait and hope that it eventually connects, or the site may have died and you are momentarilly out of luck.

This sounds like alot of work old man, is it worth the time ?

Yes it is, because sometimes you will hit a goldmine, and maybe down 4 gigs of excellent stuff in one hit its too easy, all u do is drag the stuff you want from the right window into the bottom left window, and once u have queued up, right click on one of the files in the bottom left window and do transfer, to watch them all download one by one.

But But I like bitttorents and XDCC
Good then only use them. However i use it ALL

Thanks to OLI who wrote these guides.

i am not liable for any criminal or bad thing which you have done using this message and document. i am giving here for the educational purpose and care should be taken from your side before using this document and please get a written permission from the person before hacking or doing some thing in the network or system.This document is intended for judicial or educational purposes. I have collected these documents and messages from the internet for educational purpose only. always use these documents for doing good only. I don't want to promote computer crime and I'm not responible of your actions in any way. If you want to hack a computer, do the decent thing and ask for permission first. please read and use this for useful purpose only to protect the systems and information from the bad people. always seek permission from the system owner or who ever responcible for the system by written and then go ahead. Give a full report with honestly to the person or company about your experiments and findings from the system. Always Do Good Think Good and Belive Good.

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