Monday, May 19, 2008

Removing Banners From Free Webhosts

Removing Banners From Free Webhosts

Today,there r number of wesites,which offer you webspace and areasonable good URL,for free.This service has become most popularas it is the easiest and fastest way of puting up ur site on net,getting an identity for ur self and becoming a part of huge web.
But The problem is they put Huge banners In that free sevice .

How To remove that?
its easy
follow the steps down
The banners Which r embedded r just about the only source of income for these websites,so if u r caught carrying out any of the below 'No Banner'
tricks,then u would possible lose ur account. So BEWARE!!!

For Geocities,,angel fire,freeservers,50 megs,fortune city,netscape

place the below code after the end HTML tag:

Place the below code any where on the page:

the above snippet will give an error and normally no other Java script code would be executed,so no banner would be displayed.however ,it doesn't work in all cases ,so there is yet another Hack for angelfire:Surround the BODY tag with the below code

If in case any thing doesn't work I am not responsible

if u want for any other free webhost i will give req here


Here are some more for you guys, good luck and have fun

Banner Kills

Tripod Insert between the tag

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