Monday, May 19, 2008

Slow Opening Of File Dialogs

Slow Opening Of File Dialogs

Slow Opening of File Dialogs

An intermittent slowdown opening file dialogs or Windows Explorer listings is often caused by a mapped network drive. You can select Map Network Drive from Windows Explorer's Tools menu to make a drive or a folder on a remote PC appear as a simple drive letter on your computer. This will let you access that drive or folder as if it were a local drive. After a restart, Windows reestablishes the connection when it's needed—for example, when you open the drop-down box that displays a tree containing My Computer and all drives below it. This initial connection can sometimes be slow the first time in a session. If the remote PC is not accessible, each attempt to display the folder tree may be slowed. Most likely the reason that some of your file-open dialogs are slow and some aren't lies in their initial display mode.

If the inconvenience of this slowdown outweighs the convenience of having a mapped network drive, simply click on Tools in Windows Explorer's menu and select Disconnect Network Drive. Select the drive to disconnect and click on OK.

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