Wednesday, May 21, 2008

something feeling

Yesterday night madan told me that my father spoke to him and he told to him sir really felt sorry and he asked me and madan to speak to him by phone. from yesterday night i could not concentrate on the things, why i dont know GuruDheva only help me on this and i am feeling something which i could not explain. I am praying him to make my mind cool and clean. I am praying that i should go to onsite without any problem. From yesterday night my inner mind feels so pain and i could not understand why. Today morning i got the mail that i got the project. i am happy but GuruDheva told me in mind that be cool and keep cool head. so i am keeping myself cool in thinking. I am praying to GuruDheva that sir should give me back the passport without fail. I dont know how the problem is going to get solved. he should help me on that one. i even dont know what to write or the things. i have given fully to GuruDheva he will take care me.

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