Thursday, May 22, 2008


From yesterday after i spoke to sivaji that we are planning to go to bangalore to meet sir. he told me that your parents are giving sacrifice to the sir home once if you go there thats true. i dont know why he told me like that. But now i am getting fear from outside that what will happen but my inner mind says that dont be afraid nothing will happen and everything will become fine. GuruDheva told me to visit the Narashimrar temple for more than 3-4 days before going to bangalore, why i dont know i hope he wants me to come there and get blessing from him. today evening i am planning to go to temple and then go to home. i am praying to GuruDheva that i should get my passport back from sir without fail and without damage. I should get back my clothes and laptop also without fail. I am praying to GuruDheva that everything should went fine and i should go to abroad without any problem. first i should shut my mouth and i should not be that much eager to tell all the things. i know that i am doing bad in this part. because some one curses me for the thing which i am doing and what i should not do. Till now you GuruDheva only saving me in these parts. I know that you will rescue me the same thing in all. I am going with my parents and madhan to sir home. I am praying to GuruDheva that i should vacate all the things from the home and i should bring it to Denkanikotta. I should prepare all the list what are all things i should bring from there and i should take back to denkanikotta. I should ask him for the what happened to AC and i should get it back without fail. I am praying to you GuruDheva that please help me and give me the courage to solve all the problem and i should go to abroad.

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