Monday, June 9, 2008

Got the Half Answer

Yesterday Madan told me that first give respect to yourself and others will start giving respect to you.once you respect yourself and you will come up in life. I was searching for the answers what mistakes i have done and what i should correct in my life. he told me that you should give respect to your word. and you should work upon that one. he showed me what are all the mistakes i have done in this life and he told me to reliase and you will very fast come up in life. I think GuruDheva only came in out of his words and told me all the things what i have do. From yesterday evening i was very clear and i will pray and think and i will work on the thing that i will keep my word and i would say myself that i am respecting myself and i will give and work upon that one. He told me that you are doing half of the work un completed and change that one. dont be always careless and be concentrate. dont worry what you have done in past and time is there and you can come quickly becuase he told me that i am very much intelligent than all and the thing is you have been discourged by others and you have been downfallen to earth due to money. so change this alltitue and soon you will come up in the life within 2 years. so from yesterday i was relaised my life and i am very much the thing is i have strated to stop dreaming about unnecessary things and i know that i will soon come up in life and everyone will come to me without fail. i know what are all the mistakes i have done in my life and i know that how should i correct them. Everthing came out of GuruDHeva voice only. I know that i was fully diulated in mind and i dont know what to do so he only came in his mounth and done and told me all these things. From yesterday i started in my mind saying that i am giving respect myself and i should keep all things in clean and neat. He told me that plan and do decicated work towards your goal and dont thing and wait for the result it will give you the good one only. this advice is same from the bagavat gita. he told me that keep yourself busy and do work for that one. once you doing that one you will start easy going on that one. till now you have written a single letter in that one. if you put a single letter and you will reach the goal easy in fast and quick. from yesterday night i am feeling that something bad is went away from me and new powers are flowing inside me and i know that my bad timings is gone and i know that i am going to face and solve all the things. my mind is fully on fresh about the new things and i know that i will not go back and think about the bad. Till now i was searching for the answer and i think i got the half of the answer and the final answer is to meet the GuruDHeva and get the deeksha from him. i am very much sure that i will practice and i will plan all the things accordingly and i will do and act upon that one. from the thinking what i got i dont know what happened but i have stoped nail biting from yesterday immedieatly and i did not get any tenses or sence to nail bite. i think i am started going in right path and in right direction by GuruDheva. He told me to think and do all the things.

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