Monday, June 9, 2008


A new client meets a famous lawyer.
Client: Can you tell me how much do you charge?Lawyer: I charge $200 to answer three questions!
Client: Well that's a bit steep, isn't it?Lawyer: Yes it is, and what's your third question?


Buyer to seller: Is your dog faithful?
Seller: Yes, I have sold him 3 times earlier also.
He is so faithful, everytime he returned back to me.


Waiter: "Tea or coffee, gentlemen?"
1st customer: "I'll have tea."2nd customer: "Me, too - and be sure the cup is clean!"
Waiter instructs the cook: "Two teas, with one asked for a clean cup."


Lalu was filling up application form for a job.
He was not sure what to be filled in column "Salary Expected".
After much thought he wrote: "Yes!"

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