Monday, June 9, 2008


Jeppiar is an edicationalist in TamilNadu .
He owns 7 Engineering colleges one among them is my college.
Here are a few dialogues that he spoke on stage.
These are all tru and nothing is made by anyone.
Jus check his English and enjoy the Day with gr8 fun.
videos are xpected to be launched soon.
Excerpts from a discussion abt JPR dialogues in JPR community of orkut…

Sathyabama Alumini to authenticate ;-)
“Fathers give girls fresh...i give fathers girls fresh...” (Spoken on the opening day!!)

“I went German, My Friend Married... I enjoyed...” (No one yet knows who enjoyed with whom there)

“I was going on the road in car, suddenly mutton jump onto the road”.

“When Jesus born only some christiany, one day all christiany...” (Spoken on one of those christmas day thingies. I am still trying to figure that one out)

“Girls girls jingle jingle, boys boys mingle mingle, girls boys no jingle mingle...” (Lots of applause to this from girls parents. First inauguration day sept 13 2000)
Abt why we have a mess in school and use buses: “Bus miss means mess miss... mess miss means hangry... (Hungry that is)... hangry means angry... then not study”
On the day of sathyabama strike, some one hit him with a pen....then he told: "I court order strictly follow. U kill i!!"..."U STUDY SEE. FUTURE NO SEE... U STUDY MEANS WIFE COME. U NO C IN COLAGE...”

“If senior to ragg the first year, then i arrest the police”
Tis was at some function in panimalar: “panimalar my mother mother food very nice panimalar food also very nice one day i come panimalr wit my wife njoy at mess”
These words were said by him on d fresher’s day 2003 @ St.Joseph's coll:~Today is the MGR day! Next month is margali month...Iyyapan birthday!~Entry is not important only exit is important!~St.Joseph gals all good looking, easy alliance, marriage fixed.
On M.G.R's birthday: "I & M.G.R very close we eat in same plate ,sleep in same bed"
The Australian University delegation had come to Satyabama for MOU in the year 2004. I still remember JPR was adressing one guy as "SOIL OF THE SUN"...
Why student shudnt be smoking on campus?????? His words goes as follows...."U smoke church?? NOOOOOO!!!!!!! U smoke temple????? NO!!!!!!!!!!THEN U DONT SMOKE COLLEGE; COLLLEGE EDUCATION TEMPLE"
His speech about kargil widows: “All brothers standing border..shooting dying..child asking mummy... ‘mummy where is daddy’...daddy coming body...” saying this he wiped his tears...we all broke into laughter...
“Girl see boy, boy see girl, our squad see them...Office standing...Head down...why come parents” ?!

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Gunny said...

Dude, I had the fate of spending 2 months in Satyabama during the TCS initial training.

Salutes to you. You endured for 4 years what we endured for 2 months!

Amazing article man. I still remember the Jeppiar quotes. It was a terror!

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