Thursday, July 31, 2008

Virus Encyclopedia

Virus Encyclopedia
Also see: Hoax Encyclopedia

Welcome to the virus information center. Here you will find virus descriptions and profiles of common viruses and other malicious code affecting PC's, Mac's, Unix systems, and Wireless Devices, as well as active content threats exploiting browser and email security vulnerabilites. Browse alphabetically to find the desired description. If you are unable to find a description for a particular virus, please post a message in the forum.

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If you don't find a particular virus listed here, it might be a hoax. Hoaxes aren't just a benign joke. Even when not believed, they clog mailservers and reduce productivity. When they are believed, reactive precautions can be as costly as a real threat. Visit the Hoax Center to learn more.

Other virus encyclopedias

Email is a virtual conveyor belt for viruses and your browser settings can leave you vulnerable to hijackings and spyware. Be sure to check out Securing your email and Securing Internet Explorer. Also see the Executable file attachments center for a list of common executable attachment types that you'll want to avoid.

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