Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Google Dance

have you heared Google Dance i am also felt what is this ? i am just posting what is that one for more visit the site.

A term that refers to the Google search engine and their process of re-arranging the rankings of Web sites, and how they are placed in the serps. This happens every 6 - 10 weeks, when Google re-indexes their databases of web-sites. Because Google, like every other search engine, depends on their customers knowing that they deliver authoritative reliable results 24 hours of the day, seven days a week, updates pose a serious issue. They can not shut down for maintenance and they cannot afford to go offline for even one minute. Hence, we had the Dance. Every search engine goes through it, some more or less often than Google. However, it is only because of Google's reach that we pay attention to its rebuild more than that of any other engine. The Google Dance Tool is provided as a tool to help users, the webmaster, determine when the Google search engine is spidering the Internet. This is extremely useful if one wants to know when their site(s) will rank in Google. The user can type in a keyword he would like to search for and choose some of Google's data centers to perform the search query on. He will then see a page displaying the search results of all the Google data centers he has chosen. If any of the results between the different data centers contain discrepancies, then he can know that Google has started to spider. Since August 2003, the famous / infamous Google Dance is no more. Or rather it has become less dramatic. Google now performs updates every week, with most movement occuring on Mondays. These ongoing updates feature mostly minor algorithm and index updates.

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