Tuesday, May 20, 2008

help me

Thanks GuruDheva. Balaji told me that i have been blocked to Canada long term i am really happy in that. please make sure that i am going to Canada and i should get the passport from the sir without any problem. No one should do any problem for me. you are the only person here in this world to save. i am seeing you in all. i know that once i solve all the problem and the things i should come to you. becuase you are making me like that i know that i should learn all then i should come to you. i hope you are going to give me very big responcibility in my life. thats why you are making me to do so. Thank you so much. please make sure that i should go to canada without fail and i should do all the good things and i should work sincerly and promptly. GuruDheva you are the only hope to me to solve all my problem. you should help me.

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