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Automation Testing- Win Runner

Testing Automation: Software testing can be very costly. Automation is a good way to cut down time and cost. Software testing tools and techniques usually suffer from a lack of generic applicability and scalability. The reason is straight-forward. In order to automate the process, we have to have some ways to generate oracles from the specification, and generate test cases to test the target software against the oracles to decide their correctness. Today we still don’t have a full-scale system that has achieved this goal. In general, significant amount of human intervention is still needed in testing. The degree of automation remains at the automated test script level.There are Many automation Testiing Tool For Functional & Regression Testing,Performance Testing, Bug Tracking and Test Management Tool.

What are the Advantages of Automation in testing?
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Repeatable
  • Programmable
  • Comprehensive
  • Reusable
Win Runner: Win Runner is a Functional & Regression Testing Tool of Mercury.

Win Runner:

  • Need For Automation
  • WinRunner Introduction
  • WinRunner Basic Session / Examples
  • WinRunner Advanced Session / Examples

Few Reasons

  • Running test manually is boring and frustrating
  • Eliminates human error
  • Write once, run as many times as needed
  • Provides increased testing coverage
  • Allows testers to focus on verifying new rather than existing functionality
  • Creates tests that can be maintained and reused throughout the application life cycle

WinRunner is functional testing tool

  • Specifically a regression test tool
  • Help in creating reusable and adaptable script
  • Used for automating testing process
  • Need to write scripts in TSL for the same
  • Help in detecting early defects before regression Testing
  • Specifically a regression test tool
  • Help in creating reusable and adaptable script
  • Used for automating testing process
  • Need to write scripts in TSL for the same
  • Help in detecting early defects before regression testing

Test Plan Documenting System

  • Test Plan Design
  • Test Case Design
  • Test Script Creation - Manual & Automated

Test Execution Management

  • Scenario Creation
  • Test Runs

Analysis of Results

  • Reports & Graphs

Defect Tracking System WinRunner Testing Process

  • Create GUI map
  • Create tests
  • Debug tests
  • Run tests
  • Examine results
  • Report defects

Testing Process of Win Runner in Detail WinRunner testing process involves six main stages .

  • Create GUI Map File : So that WinRunner can recognize the GUI objects in the application being tested
  • Create test scripts : by recording, programming, or a combination of both. While recording tests, insert checkpoints where you want to check the response of the application being tested.
  • Debug Test: run tests in Debug mode to make sure they run smoothly
  • Run Tests: run tests in Verify mode to test your application.
  • View Results: determines the success or failure of the tests.
  • Report Defects: If a test run fails due to a defect in the application being tested, you can report information about the defect directly from the Test Results window.

WinRunner Testing Modes Context Sensitive

  • Records the actions on the AUT in terms of GUI objects.
  • Ignores the physical location of the object on the screen


  • Records mouse clicks, keyboard input, and the exact x- and y-coordinates traveled by the mouse

Types of GUI Map files

GUI Map File per Test mode

  • Separate GUI Map File for each test

Global GUI Map File mode

  • Single GUI Map File for a group of tests

Different modes for running the tests

  • Verify
  • Debug
  • Update


  • GUI Checkpoint
  • Bitmap Checkpoint
  • Database Checkpoint
  • Synchronization point

GUI Checkpoint

  • A GUI checkpoint examines the behavior of an object’s properties
  • During execution, the current state of the GUI objects is compared to the expected results

Bitmap Checkpoint

  • Compares captured bitmap images pixel by pixel
  • When running a test that includes bitmap checkpoints, make sure that the screen display settings are the same as when the test script was created. If the screen settings are different, WinRunner will report a bitmap mismatch .

Database Checkpoint

  • A query is defined on the database and the database checkpoint checks the values contained in the result set
  • Result set is a set of values retrieved from the results of the query
  • Ways to define the query
  • (a) Microsoft query
  • (b) ODBC query
  • (c) Data junction

Synchronization point

  • When you run tests, your application may not always respond to input with the same speed
  • Insert a synchronization point into the test script at the exact point where the problem occurs
  • A synchronization point tells WinRunner to pause the test run in order to wait for a specified response in the application

Using Regular Expressions

  • Enables WR to identify objects with varying names or titles
  • Can be used in
  • An object’s physical descriptions in the GUI map
  • GUI Checkpoint
  • Text Checkpoint

Virtual Objects:

  • Can teach WinRunner to recognize any bitmap in a window as a GUI object
  • Make test scripts easier to read and understand

Creating Data-Driven Tests:

  • To test how the AUT performs with multiple sets of data
  • Can be done using the..
  • Data Driver Wizard
  • Add command manually in script

Advantage of Data-Driven Tests:

  • Run the same test with different data
  • Test the AUT for both, positive and negative results
  • Expandable
  • Easy to maintain
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