Friday, July 4, 2008

Software Automation Testing, Should Automate project Testing?

Should we go for Automtion testing of project?
This is really a difficult question as I understand.

If you are doing manual testing of your project and decide to go for Automation I think you will have to ask yourself some basic questions like:

Which is the best testing tool?
To which level should I automate project Testing?
Is it possible to Automate my complete application?

By asking these questions you can go to near the Automation testing decision. i.e To be or not to be?

Let’s have answers for these basic questions:

Which is the best testing tool?
A basic question asked often. Different people will give you different answers for this question.

It is important to evaluate the tool based on your project environment, your budget,skills level of individuals Some tools work better in specific
environments, while in another environment they can create compatibility issue.
Demonstrate the tool using your application under test.

You can go for some open source tools available in the market, but with
the study of indivisual tool and then finalising which is better suit for you.

Second question is:
To which level should I automate project Testing?
Or can I 100 percent Automate project?
- Automation testing can provide several benefits if implemented successfully.
Expectation to Automation comes alog with, but you may not have the results
as quick as you expect.
Test Engineer must evaluate the great potential and should be able to put these benifites into your application.

Keep in mind that 100 percent Automation of any project is difficult to achieve given the time and budget constraints.

So try to Automate as possible as you can, atleast 80 percent, which will greatly benefit to your organisation.

Feel free to ask me query on Software testing Automation. I will try my best to answer it!

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