Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How to get job in Software Testing quickly?

In recent days this is the most asked question to me by readers. How to get software testing job? How to come in software testing field? or Can I get job in testing?

All these questions are similar and I want to give also similar answer for this. I have written post on choosing software testing as your career where you can analyze your abilities and know which are the most important skills required for software testing.

I will continue mentioning that “know your interest before going into any career field”. Just going to software testing career or any other hot career is wrong and which may result into loss of your job interest as well as your job.

Now you know your abilities, skills, interests right? and you have made decision to go for software testing career as it is your favorite career and you suit most in this career. So here is a guideline for how to get a good job in software testing field.

If you are a fresher and just passed out from your college or passing out in coming months then you need to prepare well for some software testing methodologies. Prepare all the manual testing concepts. If possible have some hands-on on some automation and bug tracking tools like winrunner and test director. It is always a good idea to join any software testing institute or class which will provide you a good start and direction of preparation. You can join any 4 months duration software testing course or can do diploma in software testing which is typically of 6 months to 1 year. Keep the preparation going on in your course duration. This will help you to start giving interviews right after getting over your course.

If you have some sort of previous IT experience and want to switch to software testing then it’s somewhat simple for you. Show your previous IT experience in your resume while applying for software testing jobs. If possible do some crash course to get idea of software testing concepts like I mentioned for freshers above. Keep in mind that you have some kind of IT experience so be prepared for some tough interview questions here.

As companies always prefer some kind of relevant experience for any software job, its better if you have relevant experience in software testing and QA. It may be any kind of software testing tools hands-on or some testing course from reputed institutes.

Please always keep in mind- Do not add fake experience of any kind. This can ruin your career forever. Wait and try for some more days to get the job by your abilities instead of getting into trap of fake experience.

Last important words, Software testing is not ‘anyone can do career!’ Remove this attitude from your mind if someone has told such kind of foolish thing to you. Testing requires in depth knowledge of SDLF, out of box thinking, analytical skill and some programming language skill apart from software testing basics.

So best luck and start preparation for your rocking career! I will continue writing this career series and what you actually need to prepare for software testing interview.

The most frequently asked questions to me till date are “What is the future of software testing business?” “Should I consider software testing as my career option?” - Now you don’t need to ask these question to me any more. See the good news below.

Infosys Chief Executive and Managing Director, Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan estimated global software testing business to reach $13 Billion by 2010. Out of these approximately half of the testing work will be outsourced to India - according to Mr. Gopalakrishnan. That’s great news for Indian software testers.

Mr.Gopalakrishnan was speaking in inauguration of International software testing conference in Bangalore organized by STeP-IN. The conference was aimed to discuss on various software testing opportunities and future of Indian test community.

Currently Indian software testing community is the largest in the industry and hence there is tremendous business competition in Indian corporations. This competition finally leads to quality work and this is helping India to satisfy global customers. India is having immense talent and customers are coming to India for superior work quality.

Software testers and analysts are now key part of any product team. Indian IT giants like Infosys is deriving upto 10 per cent of revenue from software testing services and significantly growing each year.

Irrespective of software testing global or Indian business I have always suggested candidates to choose your career according to your interest. One can make a good career in any field if you have interest and goal to pioneer in that field. Without interest not a single career option will work for you.

So tighten the belts - learn new technologies on software testing, continuously update your knowledge and don’t even think about future of software testing market!

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