Thursday, August 14, 2008

BlogBackupr: Automatically Backup your Blog Online

Blogbackupr is a web-based backup sevice for blogs. It takes less then a minute to setup and can automatically backup all blog articles and comments on a daily basis. It also comes with one-click restore functionality. The only problem, it requires your blog login details. And while this may not be a big issue for small personal blogs, for bigger blogs it defintiely is. Nonetheless we still tested it on one of our personal blogs and everything worked as advertised. Another similar service is BlogBackupOnline.

BlogBackupr - Online Blog Backup

BlogBackupr - Feature List

  • Automatically backup posted articles, user comments and blog catagories.
  • Automatic blog restore option:, and self-hosted Wordpress blogs.
  • Works with all blogs that offer RSS-feeds.
  • Backup multiple blogs at the same time.
  • Download (export) backup files as Wordpress RSS, standard RSS, Text or HTML.
  • Easily preview backed up articles online.
  • Coming: Ability to backup images and template files.
  • For additional details go to BlogBackupr FAQ page.

Check out BlogBackupr @

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