Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Great Geek Sites

Great Geek Sites

In honor of hitting the 10k subscriber mark here at How-To Geek, I've decided to deviate from the normal how-to articles and write up a short list of the smaller geek sites I read the most frequently that you might not have heard of.

My favorite site by far, Lifehacker has featured our articles on numerous occasions. (we know, you've heard of lifehacker, but we love Gina too much to leave it out)

This is just a great all-around site for random geek news. An essential subscription for me.

Of Zen and Computing
Zen Bliss is one of the best writers I've come across… and his site reminds me of Starbucks Zen Tea somehow. He's got a knack for explaining things so that anybody can understand.

Whoever this guy is, he comes up with some very unique tips.

Shell Extension City
Bob at ShellCity features new freeware applications every day.

Got some great tips on Windows and related topics.

Daily Cup of Tech
Another great geek site that covers a wide range of geek topics.

This site is just starting out, but judging from the quality of some of the stuff I've read so far, I've got high hopes that this will turn into something great.

Their slogan reminds me of Fish from Ally McBeal… but they also find the best linux content.

This is pretty much the best aggregator of how-to articles that I've found, covering almost every area.

Free Software Daily
This is a digg-style news site that focuses solely on open source software.

If you like our articles, you absolutely should subscribe to SimpleHelp. He writes in-depth articles on all sorts of subjects, like this one about streaming audio and video across the internet.

MysticGeek's Realm
Since moving on to his own blog, he's started posting some really great content… did you know you can watch star wars over telnet?

This site shows you the top links from digg,, reddit, and dozens of other sites. What's so great about it? You don't have to actually visit digg or reddit… they link to the actual URL, not the digg item. Love it!

CyberNet News
If you want just the most interesting geek news, this is the subscription for you. Check out his nostalgic article about accessories for the original NES.

This is a relatively new blog, but he's got some great tips for linux.

Of Zen and Computing
I included this site last time, but I wouldn't have known about the Adobe Reader vulnerabilityShould I add my cell phone to the Do Not Call registry"… very useful if you keep getting those chain emails.
other than reading his site. He also recently answered the question "

Linux users only… he's got daily tips about linux commands.

Ed Bott's Microsoft Report
Who is Ed Bott? He's just the author of loads of great books about Windows… His series about Windows Vista DRM is extremely interesting.

Windows Vista for Beginners
They've got some good material geared towards beginners, as the name implies.

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