Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Collection of Rapidshare Tools and Tricks

Collection of Rapidshare Tools and Tricks

Rapidshare is world’s biggest file storage/sharing network and one of the most trafficked websites on the web. With it’s enormous file database (ebooks, software, audio,video, etc…) it became highly popular download destination. In this article you’ll find bunch of handy tips and tools(download managers and accelerators,search engines,how to get premium account, etc) designed for rapidshare users
1. Free Download Managers & Accelerators

2. Rapidshare Search Engines

3. Free Premium Account Notifier

RapidCheck: Once in a while rapidshare gives away free premium accounts on ‘first come first served’ basis. Unless you’re extremely lucky fellow, you can only get one if you’re using some kind of monitoring software that automatically checks for premium accounts promo on specified time intervals and lets you know as soon as it’s detected. Rapidcheck is one of such tools and it’s completely free.

4. Hacks and Tricks (mainly for non-premium accounts)

If you have free rapidshare account you probably noticed that it’s quite limited and has following restrictions; download speed(multiple connections aren’t allowed), bandwidth limit(30 MBs/hour) and waiting time. In case you aren’t happy about it check out some of the articles below;

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