Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Internet Explorer disabled or blocked at the office? Bypass restrictions

Internet Explorer disabled or blocked at the office? Bypass restrictions

Is Internet Explorer disabled by an Administrator? Depending on the corporation you work for, your level of Internet access can vary from completely blocked to full access. One common restriction that many corporations place on computers is disabling Internet Explorer.

This basically prevents you from opening Internet Explorer at all and just gives you a message that it has been disabled by an Administrator. On top of that, if you try to install a different browser, such as Firefox, Safari, etc, you might not have install privileges.

So is there any way to bypass this if Internet Explorer is disabled on your computer? Yes! It’s actually a pretty sneaky way to use Internet Explorer without ever opening it! Here’s how.

The workaround for this problem is to use Windows Help Files. Yes, oddly enough, you can use the help files that are available in most Windows applications to surf the web without using Internet Explorer directly.

First, let’s open up a Windows application like Notepad or Wordpad or MS Paint. Then go to Help and click on Help Topics or press F1 to bring up the Help section.

internet explorer disabled

Now in the Help section, right-click anywhere on the main window bar (the blue bar) and click on Jump to URL.

jump to url

A new window pops up and there is a line for you to enter in a URL of a website you would like to view. Go ahead and type in any website that you want to visit! Remember to type in the full URL, like, not just

bypass security

Go ahead and click OK and you’re now browsing the web again inside of the Help window! Sweet eh!

browse internet

Note that this only solves the problem of Internet Explorer being disabled on your computer. It does not mean that the company does not have other security measures in place like proxy servers or a firewall that could prevent browsing of the Internet.

i am not liable for any criminal or bad thing which you have done using this message and document. i am giving here for the educational purpose and care should be taken from your side before using this document and please get a written permission from the person before hacking or doing some thing in the network or system.This document is intended for judicial or educational purposes. I have collected these documents and messages from the internet for educational purpose only. always use these documents for doing good only. I don't want to promote computer crime and I'm not responible of your actions in any way. If you want to hack a computer, do the decent thing and ask for permission first. please read and use this for useful purpose only to protect the systems and information from the bad people. always seek permission from the system owner or who ever responcible for the system by written and then go ahead. Give a full report with honestly to the person or company about your experiments and findings from the system. Always Do Good Think Good and Belive Good.

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