Tuesday, August 12, 2008

you the only path to me

GuruDheva and God what is happening. Why this much late for me to get the Visa. Whether she has submitted or Not.
Why I have not got any mail from the Sweden consulate about the visa and work permit. Why travel desk in not responding properly. Day after tomorrow I am planning to go to Home town. but why madhan is telling me not to go. Anyway i will fight and i will go to Home town. I dont where i am heading where is the path laid for me. I am feeling i am stuck in some where GuruDheva and God Could you please show me the path and thinking. I am having peace in my mind I dont know what is the way where i am going to solve all my debits. My inner mind and thinking says that with your blessing i will clear all my loans with in a year and i will buy a home also. Please give me the peace of mind to me first.

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