Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Softwares in 11 Indian Languages - Get Free CD

Hello brothers and sisters, this post is for all Indians who want to convert all windows application in their own mother tongue. Department of Information Technology (Indian Government) & CDAC jointly makes software in Indian Languages.

First, CDAC & DIT make the software in Tamil in 2005 and it was released on Tamil New year, 2005. And it is working continuously and by this time it has released software in 10 other Indian languages which includes Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, Urdu, Oriya, Kannada, Assamese, Gujarati and Malayalam.

They have developed many valuable software which includes,

1. Bharateeya Open Office (Like MS Office in above said 11 Indian Languages.)

2. Email Client - Thunderbird

3. Firefox - Most secure Browser with 11 Indian Language Extension.

4. Typing Tools and Typing tutor,

5. Fonts,

6. Dictionary (English - Indian Language, Indian Language - English)

7. OCR - Optical Character Recognizer. (Helps to convert the typed message in paper to softcopy).

and many other software in Indian Language.

In all applications you cannot find English words. Every option like File, File--> New, open, etc., will be in respective Indian Language words. This is a great tool for Mother Tongue lovers and comman man. Their main aim is to reach the Information technology to every common man. So, they are distributing the CD containing this great software at free of cost. If you register, you can request a free software CD and it will be shipped to you. It takes 5 - 6 weeks to reach you. I think its applicable only for Indian residing in India. If you are residing outside India, make a request and if you got please let me know by commenting here. Otherwise you can download directly from their site.

Steps to do to get this software:

  1. Go to ILDC home page.
  2. Select your mother tongue.
  3. Register a account with your correct name and address details. (CD will be shipped to you in this address only).
  4. Request for a CD. (You can find this link, once you signed in to their site.)
  5. If you want to download, Click Downloads and select the application that you want to download.

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