Thursday, August 7, 2008

Discover Go-OO!
if you are looking for a open source like windows work files.

please visit above one. nice to use.

Discover Go-OO!

Here you can see, at a glance, what Go-oo has to offer in addition to the features you expect in up-stream

OpenXML / DOCX support

Go-oo provides a built-in .docx import filter. (sample).

screenshot of XLSX import

OpenXML / XLSX support

Go-oo provides a built-in .xlsx import filter. (sample).

screenshot of XLSX import

OpenXML / PPTX support

Go-oo provides a built-in .pptx import filter. (sample).

screenshot of PPTX import

SVG support

Go-oo provides a built-in SVG import filter. (sample)

screenshot of SVG import

3D transitions

Go-oo on Linux provides built-in 3D transitions within presentations. (sample)

go-oo 3D transition screenshot

Rich fields support

Go-oo provides a powerful and interoperable fields implementation with nesting, in-place editing, multiple fonts & nested conditionals. (sample)

go-oo screenshot showing powerful fields import

Startup performance

Go-oo starts faster:
go-oo 2.1 vs. Sun/OO.o 2.3

startup comparison chart

Unix systray quick-starter

Go-oo can run in the background for a lightning second start.
(Tools → Options → Memory)

built in quick-starter

Calc solver

Go-oo has a linear optimization solver that can optimize a cell value based on arbitrary constraints, built into Calc.

go-oo solver screenshot

Improved Excel interoperability

Go-oo has improved interoperability with Excel, such as the ability to implicitly convert strings to numbers as context demands. (sample; reference)

BeforeAfter and Calc functions Go-oo and Calc functions

VBA support

Go-oo provides VBA macro support for (sample).

go-oo screenshot for VBA

GStreamer integration

Go-oo on Linux supports multimedia content using the GStreamer multimedia framework.

Before After
ooo and gstreamer screenshot go-oo and gstreamer screenshot

Mono integration

Go-oo allows UNO automation with Mono, permitting automation from many languages such as C#, Boo, and more! (instructions; source)

Screenshot of Automation with Mono

Text Grid rendering

Go-oo renders Chinese much more pleasantly, using a familiar text grid. (sample)

Before After
ooo textgrid screenshot go-oo textgrid screenshot

MS-Works import

Go-oo supports MS-Works files. (sample)

go-oo MS-Works support screenshot

Improved EMF rendering

Go-oo renders EMF+ content, giving a far better view of embedded drawings.

Before After
ooo EMF support screenshot go-oo EMF support screenshot

WordPerfect Graphics import

Go-oo imports graphics in the WordPerfect WPG format which supplements Go-oo's WordPerfect importer. (sample)

go-oo WPG support screenshot

T602 import

Go-oo supports T602 files. (sample)

go-oo T602 support screenshot

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