Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feeling sleepy

i dont how it happens but i can say you one thing.
if we are not intrested in one thing and you are trying to do so. you will get sleep and if your inner mind is of some thing and want to solve that particular thing and you will not get the sleep very well in night but you will get a very good sleep at office.
if you avoid the sleep you will feel the heat and it tends to Head ache.
if you want to come up in life and if you to best in your work. i will say you only one thing. concentrate on the work. Try to learn more and more atleast any good about your job. one day you will become mentor and you will teach the people in such way that everyone will admire you.
Am i right or wrong i dont know. but what i say here it is right and it applies to all.

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