Wednesday, April 16, 2008

what to do?

what you will do if some one waits for the time and scold you without understand the environment.
it happened to me. i thought they are my sisters and they will understand me. what did was good to them but it made them to think bad about me... both told me one day that they dont like to keep his father away from home after they got the job. But i told to their father regarding this and told him to be care more with them. he scolded them very much and pointed on me. the really beauty lies is my wife (now X-wife) she only told all stories about her to their daddy and game turned on me. Today i received the mail in bad way about me. one girl called me bastard and other one called me bitch, see if time comes everyone will be very cruial in there word and work. they both told me that since i do have loan only i left her after enjoy my wife leaving alone. but the real truth is every time my spouce will not leave me to sleep always sqarrls with me. she will not give respect to any one and to me also in front of others. she is always right. she given tourcher in such way that i should sucide.
i have done most for her, i spent lot to her. she need study i did for her.
i given her the credit card she spent it without knowing to me and told me while at the bank officicals called and told me to pay, i asked why did you do like this she told me that if you given me the card it is mine and you should pay for all. what ever matter you are asking you can ask for the things
one day she scold the child i dont know what mistake the kid has done . but while i tried to compramise both she asked whether she was born to me(its true she was not born to me since i married a divorcee with a kid.even i helped here to get divorcee after she separed for more than 5 years). its my kid and i am beating her. thats all even i could not speak with her.
lot of lots problems she done daily without fail. she will not take tablets properly. if some one in her family fights themselves. how i can be victim and she asks is it right or wrong. if i say right she ask how and starts fight against that. if i say wrong for that one also she will fight.
she really made me fool and unhappy among friends...
so i left her. i have given atleast 10,000 to 15,000 rs in money and as if i paid most home expenses. but i dont know what happened to all
i left her only of mental tourcher but not for the money.
but atlast i can say that one day GuruDheva will tell both girls that they have done very great mistake in there life what they said to me through email.
but i never left the confidence in my life that i will come up in life and i will help all the people in this world.
i will never leave that i will not be bad , i will not think bad about people.

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