Monday, April 14, 2008

Time Management

Hi all
always plan and do the work.
if you fail to plan then plan to fail
make note of all things what are all you are going to do in a notebook
make remainders (if you have mobile ,pda or any digital) otherwise write it in a paper keep it in your pocket and mark tick once you have completed the work
always give priority to the work and dont be lazy. add the time along with the work what you are going to do. and complete it on time.
if the work going beyond your time(until it is important) leave as it and try to complete it. otherwise give a break to that one and complete the other one. since it will avoid the frustration of that particular job.
check and make a note of it and track it.
soon you will find what mistakes you have done in past and correct int he future plans and work.
do a routine check in the work schedule and try to fit in it.

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