Thursday, April 17, 2008

why named this blog as loosupaya?

Do you know why I have given name as loosupaya? Loosupaya means fool boy (the word is from Tamil loosu means fool and paya mentions a boy).
Since I was very fool in my life and it had given lot of pains and sorrows. I will not think and do any things. I always get the pain then I will learn to do thing. This is what happened always in my past life now I realized and doing work and planning accordingly.
But what I did most badly in past was really taught me the lessons in this present.
First I never thought of doing badly to others and I was going on my way in the life I never torched any one and I feel pain and pity for the people or person who suffers and I always try to help them.
1. What I was learnt is always think twice or trice before what you are going to do.
2. Once if you thought you are going to do don’t step backwards.
3. Always respect your relatives, parents and friends words. Try to grasp what they are going to say you and what good in it.
4. Before choosing your life partner try to think once or twice and ask other about option of that person and thing whether she will suit in your life and marry her.
5. All girls or boys are not bad in this world but some persons are extra-ordinary.
6. Always take control in your money and save as how much you can.
7. Don’t forget you have come in this world by your parents only.
8. Don’t leave your friends and relatives by hearing the words of your spouse.
9. Maintain a repo with all (even if you are women with your permission from your husband) maintain friendship with your friends. One day they will help you out.
10. Think always positive and be bold at decisions
11. Plan your work accordingly and main a track about your goals and vision.
12. Always pray to GOD or whom you are thinking as God so it will keep your mind relax.
13. And final don’t give too respect to Love (emotional feelings) think for some time and do the things.
This is what I have learn in this in three years. I am going to tell you what I have done wrong and in final of the blog I am telling you what you should not do in your life. And what you can do in coming future and how to plan.

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