Wednesday, April 16, 2008

plan to learn

am trying utmost to learn myself for programming but what i find my self is i am lazy in learning the programming. i was thinking why i could not come up in this programming and at last i found that while i was in diploma and in engineering i really hate to write code since i am not ready to write lot of lines about algorithms and matrix programming since i could not understand the concept i hated that one very much. so the basic what it was set in my mind on that time, today it is giving the same thing. but i can say that i could not wash that one in a single day but i can give up by saying i will become one of the best programmer in this world. currently i am doing software testing for this one also i need little bit of programming for the automated testing ( we need TCL,Perl or other programming knowledge)
my Target company in this world is to work for Google or Microsoft.
they are giant in this world. so i am trying my best and putting full efforts in my life to become one of good programmer in Perl.
let me see what happens.

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