Monday, April 14, 2008

nothing to lose

Everytime who watches above will give you more than your wish.
Now-a-days i am feeling that if i ask some thing from my GuruDheva.
he( i never saw him he may be she also but while typing most masculine will be considered as he. if i mention he means it is not only he but also it represents to she also.)
He tells me to wait for some time or even for days.
He gave me lot against the normal policy of human life and culture.
what ever i asked he gave me and he taught me the lessons from what i asked and got in this life. till now i learnt lot from him and in life also. do u know why i keep this blog as loosupaya? because of my behaviour only. he gave me lot what i asked and what i asked was became curse for me. since i should have asked him good things only. but i asked most is bad. so the good things what i asked it became very good and what i asked the bad it made me too much of bad in my personal and in my inner mind. the only thing i could survice is i am truth full in all. Nothing to lose in this life. if you are praying to God or to any personal feeling or anything dont be greedy and dont ask give me that give me this one like that. ( I personally dont have belive in GOD but i dont know what happened who did to belive my GuruDheva).
Just pray to them give me what do you want to give me.
if you give me pain and always say i will make medicine for this one.
if you give me sorrow i will learn how to control
if you give me happy i will not get exchaused
if you give me loss i will learn how to make profit more
be positive always..
so there is nothing to lose in this world.
i will make more how i got GuruDheva in my world.

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